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Journey to Croatia

Traveling by car, routes

Mikulov (CZ) -Seget Vranjica (HR) - length 806 km - by highway
Mikulov (CZ) -Vinišće (HR) - length 822 km - by highway
Mikulov (CZ) -Marina (HR) - length 815 km - by highway
Mikulov (CZ) -Trpanj - Pelješac Peninsula (HR) - length 946 km - by highway (via ferry Ploče-Trpanj)
Mikulov (CZ) -Sevid (HR) - length 815 km - by highway

Mikulov (we recommend to buy the Austrian vignette immediately after the border crossing - the motorway starts already at the foreign crossing)
Wien (before Vienna it is necessary to follow the direction indicators GRAZ),
Graz (at the Graz WEST motorway junction, take the SLO direction),
Spielfeld/Šentilj (Border crossing to Slovenia - just behind the border crossing is necessary to buy Slovenian vignette - weekly 15 €, monthly 30 €). The motorway is fully completed to the Croatian border, and it is not worthwhile to bypass. If you still want to avoid the toll section through Maribor, the road will take you back to the highway where you can pay a high fine.
Zagreb (further on the highway direction SPLIT),
Prgomet - motorway exit for destinations Seget Vranjica, Ciovo, Kastela, Trogir, Marina, Vinisce - exit the motorway (352. km of motorway), continue in the direction of Trogir, follow the map
Šibenik (Primošten) - motorway exit for Sevid - exit the motorway ( highway), then direction Sibenik, Primosten, Rogoznica, Podorljak, follow the map
Ploče - highway exit (end of highway) for destination Trpanj Peljesac peninsula. The fastest and shortest connection to Trpanje is by ferry. Ferry pricelist Ploče-Trpanj

Up-to-date information on tolls in European countries can be found at


Highway and tolls

Motorway: You can drive all the way to the Adriatic Sea on the motorway! In the direction from Maribor, Croatia's motorway starts just outside the border and leads to Zagreb. From Zagreb, a very nice highway continues to Split or Vrgorac, respectively. The motorway is also complete in the direction from the Hungarian border to Zagreb. If you are traveling through Hungary, you can already get there (in Nagykanizsa) on the motorway to Zagreb. You can listen to traffic information in Croatia at a frequency of 98.5 MHz.
Charges: At the entrance to the Croatian motorway you will receive a card, which you will be required to pay when you leave the motorway. You can pay in kuna, euros or by credit card. Price list of Croatian motorways HERE

Motorway: From the Austrian border (Šentilj) is from August 2019, the motorway is completely finished up to the Croatian border. Despite the high price of the Slovenian vignette (see below), we have to recommend it.
Fees: Since 1 July 2009 Slovenia has introduced weekly vignettes for € 15 and monthly vignettes for € 30. So if you go to Croatia for a week or more, you have to buy a monthly stamp! It is a very clever and expensive solution for us from the Slovenian side.

Motorway: The motorway Wien - Graz - Šentilj (Slovenia) is mostly without problems. Only during congestion can there be constipation in Vienna.
Fees: A 10-day vignette for a vehicle up to 3.5 t costs 9 €. A two-month vignette for a vehicle up to 3.5 t costs € 27.50 (buy 2 10-day).

Up-to-date information on tolls in European countries can be found at


Transport regulations Croatia

New Croatian Road Safety Act, in force since 20 August 2004: new regulations totally prohibit drinking before or while driving; the driver must not have a drop of alcohol in his blood. The Croatian police may impose a fine on the spot. They do not have to be paid immediately, the police can issue a document and the fine must then be paid within 8 days at the post office or bank.

Since 1 January 2006, every driver in Croatia has to wear a reflective safety vest. The driver must wear it when getting out of the car on roads outside designated areas (car parks) for the purpose of, for example, changing the wheel, making some minor repairs to the vehicle. If another vehicle stops in operation for assistance, or controls traffic after an accident, etc.

- Steering on the right, overtaking on the left.
- Overtaking and passing: the rules are the same as in the Czech Republic.
- Priority: the rules are the same as in the Czech Republic.
- Obligation to wear seat belts and child restraint systems (children under 12 years of age must not sit in the front seats).
- Obligatory dipped beam daylight for all vehicles.
- Obligation to wear safety helmets for drivers and passengers of motorcycle (passenger must not be under 12 years).
- Cyclists - the age limit on roads is 14 years, otherwise they must be accompanied by a person older than 16 years.
- Children under the age of 8 may only be transported by bicycle in a special child seat and the driver must be over 18 years of age. A safety helmet is mandatory for a bicycle under 16 years of age.
- Do not use your mobile phone while driving without a hands-free kit.
- Prohibition of alcohol consumption before and while driving.
- Lines on the side of the road indicate no parking.

Accident reporting Croatia

All accidents must be reported to the police (tel. 92). The police called upon to check the vehicle and the scene of the accident decide what to do next and provide the participants with the necessary information on Croatian insurance companies, car repair shops, etc. If the accident is damaged in another country, the driver must obtain export vehicle.

The Croatian police may withhold foreigners a passport for 48 hours or until they pay a fine or until a court decision. If a foreigner commits a traffic offense for which he / she can be detained by a driving license, he / she is registered in the driving license incl. the period of time for which they are not allowed to drive in Croatia. Drivers who have had a positive blood alcohol test are detained by a driving license. If the driver nevertheless continues to drive, the vehicle may be confiscated. A point system was introduced in Croatia.

Croatia emergency numbers

- emergency number 112 (common number for all emergency situations)
- police 92
- first aid 94
- firefighters 93
- assistance on the roads 987 (from mobile +385 1 987)
- weather forecast and road conditions +385 60 520 520