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Method of payment

Payment information:

- The price is contractual and is stated in Euros on the "Booking Confirmation" and in the "Voucher - Travel Voucher", which the client will receive upon payment of the deposit.
- The total price is paid in advance.
- When making a binding reservation, the customer is obliged to pay a deposit of 10-100% of the price of the stay, usually 50 to 300 Euro for each apartment.
- The deposit is usually payable within 2-3 days from the date of receipt of the informative booking e-mail and advance payment details.
- If the deposit is not paid, the reservation expires within this period. The right of participation arises only after payment of the entire deposit.
- The deposit is paid in Czech crowns by bank transfer to the Czech account, unless stated otherwise.
- The deposit is deducted from the total amount for accommodation.
- Additional payment is to be paid to the apartment owner at the place of stay. The Client is obliged to pay the amount stated on the "Travel Voucher - VOUCHER" already on the first day after arrival, unless otherwise agreed.
- At the place of stay with the owner the payment is only in cash in euros. Credit cards are not accepted.
- The voucher and the booking confirmation are issued after the deposit has been paid, namely per person per apartment.


Payments from abroad:

The advance payment from abroad is paid in EUR by transfer to a Czech euro account. Bank transfer requires OUR! Before choosing this form of payment when making a payment from abroad, first verify that your bank supports the OUR payment mode. Some banks have ceased to support this regime. In the SEPA payment mode, the amount is usually increased by bank charges of + € 7


Payment Receipt, Voucher Travel Voucher:

After ordering and paying the deposit you will receive complete materials.
- Confirmation of reservation + confirmation of advance payment
- Voucher - travel voucher with details:
- Address of the landlord
- Address of the object
- Overview map, directions, GPS coordinates of the object
- Client's reservation name
- Number of persons included in the reservation
- Arrival date and departure date
- Terms and conditions, total bill, note on payment of tourist tax


Cancel reservation:

- If the reservation is canceled by the customer, the customer is obliged to report this fact in writing or by telephone without delay.

- The deposit is refunded to the customer at the rate of 100% before the arrival of accommodation 90 days or more After this date, the backup will not be returned.
- The deposit can be refunded to the customer individually less than 90 days before arrival if the canceled term is replaced by a new customer found by the original customer. In this case, no cancellation fees are payable.
- Cancellation fees are governed by the general terms and conditions stated HERE.


Payments through employers - FKSP funds:

In case your employer will contribute to your holiday, we will issue a final invoice with his / her identification data. In most cases an invoice is issued for a total amount with a maturity of 10 days. It is necessary to supply the complete employer header with all the information required by the employer on the invoice. Payments using FKSP must be reported immediately when booking the reservation, later issue is not possible. More information on tel .: 774 671 201


The way how to book the selected apartment can be found HERE.