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House Rules

Dear guests,

1. To ensure a pleasant stay and to avoid any misunderstandings, please read these House Rules carefully. By accepting the General Business Terms and Conditions of Petr Tomášek Travel Agency, you have confirmed that you are familiar with the Rules of Residence, that you agree with them and that you will respect them.

2. Accommodation starts at 1 pm unless otherwise agreed in advance. Upon arrival, you are obliged to pay to the owner the SURCHARGE in cash in Euro, marked on the voucher, and the VOUCHER with the supplemented details, or to present your personal documents (passport or ID card). The balance cannot be paid by bank card.

3. You take over the apartment clean, tidy and undamaged. Apartment amenities and bed linen are provided. The owner of the house is not obliged to provide guests with towels, kitchen towels, dishwashing and cleaning products, beach chairs or umbrellas, unless otherwise agreed in advance. The toilet paper is only prepared on the day of arrival (1 to 2 rolls of paper per apartment), on the other days you collect the toilet paper yourself.

4. Please inform the owner of the house as soon as possible of any defects and comments on the accommodation or any damaged or broken equipment of the apartment. In the event of damage to the furniture, furnishings or equipment of the apartment, you are obliged to pay the damage to the homeowner.

5. The property and the apartment, including the terrace or balcony, can only be used by those who are registered for a stay. Persons from neighboring houses do not have the right to stay in the apartment without the knowledge of the homeowner. Any visits should be agreed with the homeowner in advance.

6. It is not allowed to move furniture between rooms, to carry interior furnishings to another apartment, outside the house or to the beach (eg wooden chairs from the kitchen to the terrace, cutlery and crockery to another apartment, plastic fireplace furniture, etc.) towels on wooden furniture, barbecue on the terrace or balcony. Please dispose of mosquitoes using Raids and not killing them on the walls.

7. Place plastic foil under the bed sheet so that the mattress is not damaged in the event of an "accident".

8. AIR CONDITIONING: Some apartments are equipped with air conditioner. To ensure efficient operation, you must keep the windows closed when you turn it on. Otherwise, you let cool air out of the room and warm air from outside to inside and the room will still be uncomfortably hot! In addition, operating costs increase disproportionately, and the homeowner can then charge a surcharge for using the air conditioner.

9. Before leaving the apartment (for example, the beach), please close all windows or remove blinds, lock the door to the apartment, turn off the lights and turn off all electrical equipment including air conditioning. Put the parasols inside - in a sudden wind they could break or fall off the terrace and injure someone.

10. The owner of the house is not responsible for any loss of things and valuables from the apartment. Please pay attention to your belongings and valuables left in the apartment.

11. The owner of the house is at your disposal for the duration of your stay to provide you with the necessary information and possible assistance.

12. During the whole day and especially during the hours of rest from 23.00 to 6.00 hours it is not allowed to make noise that would disturb other guests and neighbors. Please respect it!

13. We would like to inform guests who do not respect the house rules and do not respect the night peace that their behavior may be the reason for the termination of their stay without the possibility of a refund.

14. DEPARTURE DAY - In the morning, please switch off the refrigerator so that it can be wiped clean, washed and cleaned, and the garbage can be removed. Please clear the apartment and the parking place by 9.00 am.

15. For information: the apartments have state-determined minimum prices, from which homeowners pay taxes. These are not the prices for which the apartment can be rented.

Thank you and we wish you a pleasant holiday in Croatia!

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